5 Fictional Bands On Movie That I Wish Was Real


These are some bands from movies that I wish was real. From Sex Bob-Omb with his super garage rock music to the legendary cool-prep-kids from School of Rock.

1. Sing Street – from Sing Street (2016)

It still doesn’t make sense for me that this movie wasn’t nominated in Oscar 2017. It’s even better that movie with a music theme that nominated, La la land (2016). I enjoyed La la land but Sing Street was awesome for me and I wish the band was real.. it was… in limited edition and only released one full album.

2. Experimental band of Frank – from Frank (2014)


I don’t know the name of the band because as I remember, they didn’t mention the name of the band. It’s an experimental indie band, lead by a man in a giant mask named Frank (Michael Fassbender). He even has a certificate for wearing that mask. Not many performance scenes from this movie but they have an interesting line up of members and principal in music.

3. Clash on Demonhead – from Scott Pilgrim vs. the world (2010)

Who knows that Captain Marvel and Superman can form a band? (lol) It took me a while until I realized that Envy Adams was Brie Larson. Even they only performed one song on the movie, Black Sheep, I wished they are a real band with more badass cynical songs. And Todd Ingram (Bradon Routh) bass skill was dope.

4. Sex Bomb-Omb – from Scott Pilgrim vs. the world (2010)

Still, from the same movie, Sex Bomb-Omb is a band of the main character, Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera). With their slogan “We are Sex Bomb-Omb! We are here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff!”, it is pretty sure inviting for edgy youngster generation. It would make you head-banging with their pure garage rock songs that unfortunately short in the movie.

One band that I can recommend if you like garage rock like Sex Bomb-Omb, you can try listening to The Vines, a garage rock band from Australia. Here some song of them called Weird Animal, you can give it a try.

5. School of Rock – from School of Rock (2003)

Last but not least, School of Rock is one of a fictional band that I wish was real. They got cool-kids troop to which was talented and could be the inspiration of the young generation to be what you wanna be.

Those are some list of fictional bands that I wish was real. Is there any of fictional bands above you wish to be real too? Or you have some other fictional band you want to share with me. Feel free to leave the comment and stay rock!


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